Aristotle Spirits Is Feeling at Home in Garner

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Did you know the quaint community surrounding Aristotle Spirits was once a wood-and-water stop along the NC Railroad? Now, when we look around, we see a thriving suburban town in the South’s fastest growing urban region.

The Town of Garner is a beautiful community on the outskirts of Raleigh, NC, and we love that it’s making itself known for being a bustling economic center while working hard at keeping its small-town flavor. In fact, that’s one of the things we like best about it. Garner has the amenities of an urban center with the family feel of a small town.

It was originally incorporated as Garner’s Station in 1883 but got its current name when local leaders dubbed it “Town of Garner” during the reincorporation process in 1905.

We can’t find any record of a distillery in Garner back in those days, but there’s a richness to the Southern roots that pepper its long history, including a strong attachment to the land. Cotton and tobacco fields blanketed the landscape in the early years, with farming providing a major source of income for many.

Today, Garner Road provides one of many routes to that city to the north, and together with Cary, they form the Raleigh-Cary-Garner metropolitan area, making up the Southern urban region that’s growing faster than any other and offering a warm welcome to Garner’s only distillery.

Garner’s Growth

We give a lot of credit to Garner’s leadership team for its expansive growth. They’ve committed to keeping a high quality of life with flourishing economic opportunities and small-town community connections.

A tour around town proves we’re attracting well-established companies but keeping an entrepreneurial edge. We’re increasing job opportunities with larger companies without giving up support of the small businesses that contribute so much to our community.

 Downtown Garner’s Vision Statement captures the essence of our vibrant town.

“Historic downtown Garner connects our small-town roots with our future as a growing crossroads of cultural arts, recreation, and creative entrepreneurship in the community.

Through private development, public investment, and historic preservation, we’re expanding our downtown to become the destination for local flavor and flair in Garner.”

Downtown Garner Association

One of the best examples of historic preservation is none other than Garner Performing Arts Center, which has its home in the original Garner High School, built in 1923. Less than a mile from Aristotle Spirits, the historic landmark has taken a long and winding journey to becoming a center of arts and culture. That journey represents the core of Garner’s community values.

Garner’s Sense of Community

To its residents, what’s just as important as building up Garner is keeping it the small town it’s always been. Growing is important, but so is the community that makes the flourishing town special.

In the 2020 Guide to Garner, Latisha Catchatoorian put it this way: “The town reflects the innovative culture of the Triangle region while maintaining its idyllic charm, setting itself apart from other municipalities with its hometown allure and stunning community amenities.”

Catchatoorian mentions the addition of the $9 million recreation center originally set for a 2020 opening, the solid educational opportunities available here, our town’s growing diversity, and its “dynamic downtown.” She’s really saying what many of us are thinking: our town is as exceptional as its celebrated history.

Aristotle Spirits Embraces the Town of Garner

All this and more make us glad we’re building the distillery here.

And we’re building Aristotle Spirits as a way of being a part of the community. We’re giving people a place to bring the family (and the dog!), to sit awhile and enjoy feeling they’re where they belong.

Owner Jake Howland says, “I want to build something people value, what they really like, so when the family comes to town, they’ve got to go to Aristotle’s.”

We’re Garner’s only distillery, and we believe in reflecting the values the town holds, carrying on the traditions of attachment to the land, commitment to local sourcing, and making a contribution to the community.  

As we continue construction, we will embrace Garner and look forward to welcoming you to join us in this rare sort of community where you belong.

We look forward to seeing you walk through our doors!

We’ll continue posting updates here and on our Facebook page as the work continues. Be sure to watch for the latest!