• A bottle and a glass of gin
  • Apple cider
  • A bottle of Bourbon Barrell Aged Gin

About us

At Aristotle Spirits, we create a drinking experience founded in precision and classical distilling processes. You deserve a craft beverage made with the highest quality North Carolina ingredients and the closest attention to detail. Whether you stick to whiskey or enjoy experimenting with mixers and seasonal infusions, every Aristotle recipe pushes the boundaries of distilling quality and creativity. We invite you to tour our facility, chat with our staff and enjoy unique cocktails with your friends.

Located in Garner, North Carolina, our spirits are distilled on-site with the finest, locally-sourced ingredients. After spending years as a chemist in the pharmaceutical industry, Jake decided to step away from the corporate environment and open his own distillery to craft the spirits he enjoys. This turned into the realization of a dream to create a culture that focuses on the process and unique character of the spirits.

As far back as the fourth century B.C., the great philosopher Aristotle suggested the possibility of spirit distillation. It is an age-old operation that today combines complex mental calculations and formulas with new technologies. Using several principles of natural science and chemistry, Jake produces a portfolio of spirits, second to none, that are made the right way every time.

Join us at Aristotle Spirits and experience Excellence Crafted. Excellence Served.

Discover Our Spirits

Dive into our craft with an informative tour & tasting. Please Arrive 5 minutes before the tour time to reserve your spot. Please present a Valid I.D. to participate in the tasting.

Tour Schedule

Saturday 2 pm and 4 pm
Sunday 2 pm and 4 pm