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Aristotle Spirits Vodka

Aristotle Spirits Vodka

In the fourth century B.C., Aristotle first suggested spirit distillation. Nearly 2500 years later, at Aristotle Spirits we are creating a pinnacle drinking experience that combines the art of Aristotle’s classical distilling process with the precision of modern science. Our vodka is crafted from a grain mash including malted barley for a smooth, easy finish. For solo sipping, indulging or sharing - we believe Aristotle would be proud.

Winner of Gold at John Barleycorn 2021

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Aristotle Spirits Habanero Vodka

Aristotle Spirits Habanero Vodka is flavored with fresh locally grown habanero peppers to radiate an incredible flavor and spicy heat. A great way to boost any cocktail.

Winner of Gold at John Barleycorn 2022

Philosopher gin bottle photo

Philosopher New American Gin

Aristotle Spirits New American Gin, carefully crafted using principles of natural science and chemistry has given us a clean, classic, well-balanced gin with a hint of juniper and our carefully selected botanicals, for a refresing citrus sweetness and a warm, smooth finish. Enjoy it neat or liven up your favorite tonic. It is the time-honored, Sunday-afternoon-on-the-porch spirit.

Winner of Gold at San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2022 and at John Barleycorn 2021

Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin photo

Philosopher Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin

Philosopher Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin is crafted by resting our New American Gin in bourbon barrels to provide the perfect blend of citrus and spice with bourbon barrel flavor. Use it in any gin cocktail or to replace whiskey in any of your cocktails for a unique spin on a classic. We recommend a gin old fashioned that will instantly become the talk of the party.

Winner of Gold at San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2022 and Double Gold / Best Gin of the year at John Barleycorn 2022

Navy Strength Rum photo

Explorer Navy Strength Rum

Aristotle Spirits Exporer Navy Strength Rum is carefully crafted from fine molasses and evaporated cane juice and slowly fermented to create a truly special flavor profile. Finishing at a high proof per the regulations of the old royal navy we keep all those strong rum flavors that carry through to any cocktail or punch. Enjoy it in any of your favorite rum cocktails and always remember, it’s strong.

Winner of Gold and Best Rum at John Barleycorn 2022

Aristotle Bourbon photo

Discovery Bourbon Finished in Apple Cider Casks

Discover a unique drinking experience with Aristotle Spirits Discovery Bourbon Finished in Apply Cider Casks. Aged for a minimum of two years and finished in apple cider casks the finishing barrel jams in the flavor. Made from a 21% Rye Bourbon mash bill our bourbon features a hint of spices, with a bright apple cider finish. Produced in small batches in Garner, NC and hand bottled for the bourbon connoisseur to sip and savor.

Winner of Double Gold at John Barleycorn 2022

Single Malt Whiskey photo

Discovery American Single Malt Whiskey

Discover a unique North Carolina drinking experience with Aristotle Spirits Discovery American Single Malt Whiskey. Crafted from a unique blend of locally grown and malted barley, this true North Carolina terroir is aged in specially selected American oak barrels to create a beautiful sweetness on the nose with a friendly vanilla and oak taste and a smooth chocolatey finish.